Saturday, 10 January 2015

dress love

It's time for some of my favorite material: lace. To me, lace is very gothic and romantic, and it fits perfectly natural on a wedding dress. You all have noticed that I've been posting a lot about wedding dresses from this site <-- they have an amazing selection so I will write more about their wedding dresses.
As I was saying lace wedding dresses is the topic I will cover now. So I'm going to start with my favorite:

This is what I'm talking about, this is perfect! Elegance, style, romance, everything. And it comes in a variety of color! You can choose from Ivory to pink! I think that the red is a great contrast to the white of the dress! Simply stunning. I think it can compliment any womans shape.

I think this dress is very bold and unconventional, but in it lies its appeal. Not every wedding dress has to be traditional, sometimes you can make due with elegance.

This one is amazing because of the details, and it also reminds me of Greek togas. As a former student of philosophy I sure can appreciate that.  It is also great for women who are not as curvy so it gives of an illusion of having rich curves.  

Now this dress reminds me of American movies that I watched as a child. You all have seen them. The perfect church wedding. 

This dress reminds me of just that, elegant, breathtakingly beautiful. It is rich in subtle details, and I love how the dress is long and gives off a mermaid sort of appeal. How the dress flows behind, just perfect!

This one I'm going to call the ballerina dress

As a big fan of ballet this one reminds me of Gisselle and Swan Lake. The lover part reminds me of a ballerina's tutu. I would love to twirl around in this dress.

Now this dress deserves two pictures, just so you can see the details on the back.
This one I like to call the 1940's dress. I love the fashion in that era because it was very elegant and it was made to compliment a woman's shape. Today fashion aims to minimize the woman's attributes. Luckily wedding dresses always tend to stay elegant.Now look at all the details in this dress, the lace is just perfect. The saten ribbon makes it even better. This dress gets a straight 10 from me!

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